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There’s an Aoyama Monarch 47D in my school and that’s the pedal harp my teacher uses for our lessons. I don’t think it’s a “bad” harp like some people have said. I’d say it’s a very decent harp.

I bought my Lyon & Healy 23 without having seen it first. I have to admit that it’s a risk. There was a little adjustment that had to be done when it arrived. I talked to the agent and she called L&H. The next day, my school staff made the adjustment for me. That’s the best part of having a good agent order a harp for you. You might have to pay a bit more than ordering one yourself but then they can help you if there’s a problem with your harp.

I love my L&H 23. It sounds and looks great. It attracts me. But that’s the point. A harp that attracts me might not attract you. So you have to choose it yourself.

I think it’s worth going to the showroom and try out all different brands possible, you’ll get some ideas of the sounds. Then for the brand you like best, pick the model. That’s what I did. I don’t have a chance trying all L&H models. My school only has L&H style 100, Salvi Aurora, Salvi Daphny, Aoyama Monarch and some Camac pedal harps… They’re not ones I’d buy, but they did give me some ideas about the sounds and projections of each brand.

Also, L&H has a bounty program. If your agent has that, I’d ask about it. Your daughter’s only 14. When she grows up, she may change her preference. If you can trade your harp in for another model and get a 90% or more on a refund, then that’s a good deal.