Re: What’s your favorite-looking harp?

catherine-rogers on #110660

I love that one, too. I think it’s just as pretty as the Lyon & Healy 23 in natural maple.

But I think the prettiest harp I ever saw was a Lyon & Healy style 3 which Dale Barco rebuilt for Jack Nebergall. He refinished it in gold (it was originally gilded) and glossy cobalt blue. If memory serves, the board was also blue with gold decoration. Dale showed me photos of it at the harp conference in 1984, I think. Wow, was it gorgeous.

At the Denver conference in 1988 Lyon and Healy had a 23 finished in matte ebony and white gold (which looked silver). It had a fabulous tone and cost extra because it was one of a kind. I’ve always wondered who bought it and where it is now. It was so beautiful.