Re: what you do if you are in my situation????

unknown-user on #88705

Your situation sounds very complicated, so I’m not sure if I can be of
any help, but I will try. It sounds like you do not have the option of
negotiating with her or improving the situation. Can you find harp
students who have no dealings with this teacher? You probably wish to
teach at the conservatory, but private teaching may be rewarding as
well. If
orchestras are off limits, are there any opportunities playing chamber

Music is a difficult profession most places, so I am sharing with you
the solutions I use for my own life. The traditional opportunities are
usually locked in rather tight, and there is tremendous competition
when a slot opens up. There is simply more supply than demand for high
level professional musicians. Teaching students of all ages from the
community provides many musicians with a livelihood. Students who are
studying as recreation, not professionally, can sometimes be taught in
groups which can really help us earn a living. Creating a chamber
ensemble with flute, strings, etc. can give you the opportunity
to play a great deal of important repertoire.

Please don’t give up on the harp because of difficult people you meet
in your profession. I just moved from a difficult environment into a
better one. Change can be good if you can’t find a way to work around
the obstacles. It is wise to not waste time and energy on negative
people. From time to time it is necessary to have some employment
outside of music to pay the bills, but we can still always keep our
music profession going on the side. Then sometime in the future when
opportunity comes, we can be ready to meet the challenge! Please know
that many (if not all) musicians encounter people who make them feel
like giving up hope, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope. I wish you
all the best in your struggle to survive professionally, and wish I
could find something to say that could encourage you. I know for me,
focusing on the reasons I love the harp and finding ways to share that
love with other people is what gives me purpose, hope, and inspiration.