Re: What do harpists chose for their own weddings?

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111547

I was an organist/flutist when I married my organist husband. We were married in a church we liked but which had a wheezing wonder for an organ. We had just re-regulated an organ together. He taught me how to do that stuff….it was fun…..our romance was kind of built around that a lot. Instead of going on hot dates, I would hang upside down from mitred pipes and tap on tuning sleeves or pull pipes and tap around their lead openings with an awl….

We had a professional recording engineer come into the church where we were doing the work. It was for the most part, done. My husband played the prelude and postlude (“The Emperor’s Fanfare” by Soler and Nun Danket by Bach) and I played some nice flute/organ pieces with him. A very dear friend who is also an organist ran the sound system for us as we walked down the aisle, and we had about 1/2 hour of music beforehand, which we warned everyone of in the invitations. We had a small wedding. I hand wrote the invitations.