Re: The Worst Harp Player

unknown-user on #111021

I think this thread is far less obnoxious in purpose than “Who is the Best Harp Player in the World”, as if any one person could be given such title, or agreed upon. I think raising people to such a degree, especially without serious consideration, is quite obnoxious. It is considered an American flaw to always assume that someone is the best, or that winners are always the best, such as with the Oscars and so on. There is rarely any one best in any field, unless it is very small. This thread is merely a counterbalance to that one. It certainly was not meant to be a censor magnet. It seems there is nothing crabbier than someone who expects everything to be Hallmark cards all the time. Amiable means, by the way, pleasing, admirable, generally agreeable, friendly, social, congenial. What that has to do with anteaters, I’ll never guess. A curious pseudonym. Maybe I’ll change mine to Cranky Armadillo.

Congratulations to Louise V. for getting it, and thanks Maria for your support.

The funny thing is, when I think back on all the harp recordings I hated most, I can’t think of a worst one, nor anyone like Florence Foster Jenkins. Perhaps it is out there and I just never bought a copy.