Re: The Worst Harp Player

unknown-user on #111032

That reminds me of a Gloria FitzGibbons who recorded an lp of music by Zabel and Holy played at achingly slow tempi, and I do believe she kicked her stand at some point, and you can hear some page-turning rapidly happening. I think she was from Adelaide.

Myra Omaira recorded all twelve of the Granados Spanish Dances on a harp with a straight sounding board that had never been regulated, apparently, and interestingly, she tapped her heels on the floor in flamenco rhythms while playing, somehow.

And Volga Krasnydoma, a beautiful redhead, made an lp released here on Monitor of pieces by Tchaikovsky, Glinka, and a lot of other names I can’t remember, all transcriptions, topped off by Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu, at a wild tempo, but the harshest playing you could ever imagine. At the end of each piece the harp was completely out of tune.

Peter Pierce-Buckwall made an lp of music by Bax and some obscure British composers, and unfortunately, you could never tell what key he was playing in.

Sister Divine Hensworthy made an all-hymn recording I saw advertised on a Christian tv commercial. She had doves flying around as she played, singing along to herself.

The worst ad for a harpist was a four or three-named person from Georgia or somewhere who sings and plays like she is delusional. This one is real.