Re: the two sides of the story

unknown-user on #88033

Hi Victor,

Thanks so much for that, I haven’t stopped laughing……. Yes, I think a middle road is a good one, and there does need to be mutual respect on both sides.

I had another read over this post, and there are so many fascinating ideas on both sides. I also haven’t stopped discussing all the issues involved with my husband (think he’s getting sick of me coming up with arguments in the defense of ART!!)

I was thinking about Saul’s point about where you buy music from and downloads etc, and actually this is a vital one for the music industry, that does impact on the art itself. I, for instance, always encourage music to buy music and will not allow them to photocopy pages – as besides being a breach of copyright, if people do not buy the music it goes out of print and affects other harpists that cannot then get the music. I also always encourage my pupils to buy from Lyra, as they keep so many rare titles, which is so supportive and important to harpists, so think that they