Re: The power of the Harp…

tony-morosco on #107804

I’m gald to see this study.

I think it isn’t a surprise to anyone invovled with music that music can have beneficial effects on people’s health.

What I have always been dismayed at, however, is the attempt by some people to make it into some kind of magical or new age mystery, and the made up explanations. One rather well known harpist invovled in the whole “healing harps” field once tried to tell me that sound, being vibration, was just a frequency on a spectrum of vibrations that included light, and spiritual energy, and that’s why music effects people’s health.

Clearly she never took a physics class.

Yes, music effects people and their health. And studies like this help show how that happens rather than making up things to make musicians (and I find this more among harpists than most other musicians unfortunately) seem like they some kind of miracle workers with magical powers of some kind.