Re: The Most Beautiful Place in the World

tony-morosco on #110425

Well I find most of these things either in or nearby my own home in San Francisco.

The temperature here does not fluctuate much throughout the year and makes it possible to participate in outdoor activity year round (one of the reasons we always rank near to top of the list of most fit US cities every year).

In addition we are ahead of most of the country regarding green issues.

For a major urban center our air is relatively clean. Our water in extreamly clean.

We have a world class symphony, opera, ballet, and numerous other musical opportunities. Also some of the best museums and other cultural activities. Not only do we have them but we appreciate them. When the new DeYoung museum opened it took months for the crowds to die down enough to be able to get in without a reservation, and when the new science museum opened last week the line on opening day was a mile long. And did I mention the Asian art museum has the largest collection if Asian art out side of Asia?

Anything you can’t find in the immediate area you can find a short distance away. You can surf in the morning and be on the ski slopes by afternoon If you really want.

And for harp stuff there are few places with as much going on as northern California. We have an annual harp festival, many great local performers, teachers, and writers. Chapters of all the harp organizations, and various harp circles and other opportunities. Right now I am sitting on tickets to the International Festival Of Harps, Patrick Ball, and Deborah Henson-Conant, not to mention season tickets to the symphony (where David Rioth is principal harpist and he is a fantastic harpist ).

To me this place has it all and is the most beautiful of all US cities.