Re: Teaching Concerti

unknown-user on #88092

I have to bring this thred up again cause of something which happened with one of my students lately… When teaching a concerto, do you just teach the concerto, or do you go round it first, as to style and era… I’ll give a clear example… One of my piano students, came up with a major work by Messian which she whised to present as part of her final diploma… I said it was no problem cause she had the technical ability and musical maturity to do it… but she was shocked when I took the score away from the music stand and put it in the cupboard, and instead put on the desk works by Debussy, Satie and a couple of other contemporaries… She tought it was a bit of a joke.. but when I explained that first we have to go around the people who came before Messian, to then understand better his influences and derevations, as well as noticing his differences from his prior, she was a bit shocked, cause all she was ready to do was to work on the Messian and just over.