Re: Teaching Concerti

Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #88086

To clarify, I certainly didn’t mean an absolute beginner. I was thinking of students who can play scales and solos like the Impromptu-Caprice, who have the opportunity to play with an orchestra. They can learn the Debussy and work on exactly the details you describe Carl, which is the point in giving it to them, so they become aware of all those fine necessities. I just feel they won’t have the maturity in most cases, and having learned it young might inhibit their later interpretation somewhat. Perhaps it wouldn’t because the music is so great.

My first concerto was indeed the Dittersdorf. I think it is not so difficult on the surface, but when I went to play it several years ago, as an adult, at full speed, the scales in the first movement were quite difficult to play smoothly, evenly and melodically up to tempo, at least with less than two weeks to prepare it.

I didn’t quite get all of your post, Esme, who or what is profs?