Re: Suggestions for Forum use guide

carl-swanson on #111661

Tacye- My understanding is that Kim or someone else in her office reviews all of the new posts every day and anything offensive is deleated. I just put a post up on that Venus/Lyon& Healy comparison thread, and I would repeat here that people should think carefully about how they word their questions or posts. I think in that case it was inappropriate to pose a question that basically asked ‘which one is better, Venus or L & H.’ I would be offended for all the harp technicians if someone asked here ‘Who is the best harp technician?’ A much better way of wording the questions in my humble opinion would be ‘Do you own a Venus or a Lyon & Healy, and what do you like/dislike about your harp?’ On the theoretical technician question, it would not offend anyone to ask ‘Which harp technician do you use and what do you like about him?’ Aside from that, it’s difficult to set up ground rules.