Re: students and their choices

unknown-user on #88669

Well honestly Saul, it does sound as though your natural ability made
your development unique. To teach well we need to have a good plan
to fill in every small step along the way, but be willing to modify
this plan to match the natural flow of each individual learner. Most
students do not develop
continually at the same rate. They have intellectual growth spurts,
just like physical growth spurts. There has been some research to
assist students with learning disabilities, but very little research
and support for gifted students. That is starting to change. In the
past there have been far too many instances of gifted students getting
beaten down to be normal.

In the
field of education the term gifted applies to natural ability and talent refers
to a learned ability. A gifted student has some capacity to self
teach, and can absorb multiple steps simultaneously. This make teaching
them effectively as challenging as teaching the learning disabled
student, but for opposite reasons. Both
require tailoring the curriculum to best fit their atypical learning
needs. It takes wisdom and judgment, and the process is never perfect. Attentive awareness of the student
can clue us in to the correct pacing. The most important thing is to
respect each student’s individuality, allowing them to feel it is okay to progress at their natural pace, and be whoever they really are.