Re: Spillage?

laura-smithburg-byrne on #109708

Well I don’t have any liquid spillage stories quite like the Turandot story but I have had a few other surprises land on my harp while performing.

Playing outside for weddings in various garden settings, my harp has been the innocent victim of a bird or two’s nasty waste products. Disgusting!

On a lighter note, I had the rare opportunity to play for Arnold Palmer at a golf course opening in Ohio. He was really fond of the harp and stood next to me for a long time while I played. Unfortunately his cigar ashes kept landing on my harp and I finally had to interrupt him and explain that I was afraid his ashes were going to hurt my harp. He was sooooooooo apologetic and offered to pay for any damage etc., thankfully there was none. He actually helped me clean off the ashes, gave me a big hug and an autograph for my golfer husband. He was so gracious and kept patting my harp with his enormous hands. What a gent. : )