Re: So, why is this a struggle?

diane-michaels on #107173

When I got out of college, I traded my puny style 14 for a hefty Salvi Diana, and for the first time, had to move a harp without help. For the record, I’m rather tiny and have been lifting weights since I was 18. I think the ability to move a hulking beast of an instrument required a psychological change. I simply had to make it happen. Abandoning fear was probably the change. I needed to stop worrying that I’d harm harp or self. I’m reminded of that now, as I have a leg injury that puts use of my right hamstring off limits. If I am in pain and feeling wimpy, I struggle. I overcome those moments by ignoring the fear of pain and I hoist my Salzedo up a step or two. I do have to limit myself to very short flights now, but pre-injury (into my 40’s) I could still do a flight of stairs – I’d empty my head of “reasonable” thoughts and get in the groove of the repetitive motion of each successive step. Grunting’s ok, BTW!