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Harpo Marx has been and is to this day a profound inspiration to me. I began paying harp when I was fifteen and basically had no choice but to teach myself. Like all of us, I watched the occasional clip of him playing; but being an actor myself, was amazed at his abilities in mime. I found his book, “Harpo Speaks”, and when I read how he was also self-taught I became even more inspired to be the best musician I could be. Two years ago I brought a dream of mine to life. I created a children’s program inspired by Harpo to introduce the harp using music, math, science, and history. I premiered it in South Carolina to great reviews from all ages. I plan on taking it on the road when I retire from teaching 2nd grade in a few years. (If I’m still sane.) To me Harpo represents an amazing sense of happiness, innocence, and wonder: things that we need now more than ever.