Re: Salzedo variations

Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #109413

Lucile Lawrence always insisted on full-length performances of the Variations for as long as I knew her. The short version would only be done as required by competitions. She recorded the full-length version. Contrary to Sam’s opinion, I find the Barcarolle, Prelude, Fugue and Cadenza to be not only the most difficult, but the most exciting part of the piece by far. Miss Lawrence said to me that Salzedo regretted ever publishing the shortened ending because too many people opted for it. It was customary to do so in French publications for easiness. While the character of the variations shifts from technical to character with the Barcarolle and Prelude, no proper French Theme and Variations can be written without a fugue, classically speaking. And the meaning of ancien is old, but in the sense of classic, olden, traditional, not just elderly. Tchaikovsky used the word roccoco in his variations for cello.

Certainly, all the variations are printed in both editions. I use the Leduc edition. I dislike the altered harmonic notation. The revised edition has simplified tempi that, to me, do not work. The simplified fingerings aren’t really necessary and detract musically.