Re: Salvi, L&H and Camac too……

unknown-user on #111427

Yep, all the Salvi harps that I’ve played have been built like sherman tanks… technicians tend to like them because there is so little movement in the parts (neck, board, base board) so regulating them tends to be less fiddly…

The really old ones used to be incredibly over built, heavy monsters that were rock solid! Whether you consider that a good or bad thing…..well, I dunno..The Electra I used to play in the orchestra must be over 35 years now and the neck has not moved a millimeter, and the board only slightly. That harp has been toured all over the world, and is in much better condition for its age than I am!!

Anyway, I just got on the new Camac website and they have new models…and ooowww..we all like looking at new harps don’t we? It’s actually a much more user friendly site now. They have a new model I like the look of – the Vendome in Mahogany.

I also finally got a look at the Go Go cart, it is fascinating. But I can’t tell if it would work if you had your transport cover on. Anyone know?? Do you put the cart on first or the cover on first, and slip the hook thingee through the hole in the cover?? (to deliberately pull everyone off topic onto something less controversial….).