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Sid Humphreys

You can change the pedal rod yourself, but I recommend trying to find a harp regulator to do it for you. Harps, like people, can shrink as they age so you may need a slightly different size pedal rod than you may think if your harp is older. Contact Peter Wiley ( or Carl Swanson (his web page is somewhere on this site) and they can give you more info on how to do this if you can’t find someone in the area. I do have Carl’s book, “A Guide For Harpists” that walks you through it. It is intimidating which is why I recommend a professional first to do it for you while you watch, then if it happens ever again you’ll feel better about doing it yourself. You may even find a harpist in the area that has done this before and may be willing to assist, of course it would be nice to compensate them for their time!