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Let me add one thing to what I said above. I don’t mind doing regulations or regulation trips. If someone asks me to do a regulation trip and wants to set it up with other harpists in the area, that’s fine.

Saul, as far as your question goes, I don’t want to say what someone else should or shouldn’t charge. Whenever I do a regulation trip, I try to have the harpists bring their harps to one location so I don’t have to waste time traveling around as well as setting up all my equipment and then repacking it after each harp. I always charged one flat fee per regulation and didn’t charge extra to cover traveling expenses, meals, etc. That way, everyone knew way in advance how much the regulation would cost. My advice to everyone reading this is to make sure the regulator is up front with you about whatever fees he is going to charge. There should be no surprises when the regulation is done. I know of one regulator who was always very evasive about how much the regulation was going to cost, and then after it was done, present a bill that was 4 times what it should have cost! I’m not kidding. At a time when on-the-road regulations were costing $150 to $200, he would present a bill of $800!! And on top of that demand cash!