Re: Re: When a student is teaching before they are ready

unknown-user on #88613

Gordon, thank you for your concern. The issue at hand is “what is the
most respectful way to treat people?” Do you allow someone to
unknowingly pass on habits that could cause physical damage? Do you
withhold information from people because you assume they are too fragile
or lack the capacity to cope with it? Do you attack one person emotionally to spare another,
or do you promote good communication with good faith of mutual respect?

If correct technique served no other purpose than to establish elitism,
then imposing it on others would be wasteful and foolish. Correct
technique is information on how to play an instrument in an efficient
and healthy manner, to avoid the crippling effects of tendonitis,
carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, and back and neck aches. These
effects are quite common to those who spend consistent time practicing