Re: Re: What’s your favorite-looking harp?

alexander-rider on #110666

David- You should start a thread about your memories of Jack! : ) I personally like Horngacher ‘Philharmonie harp’ and I also like the straight soundboard harps of Obermayer and Lyon and Healy made in the 1900’s-1920’s…Pity I don’t like the sound of German harps….But I had lessons on a straight soundboard LH (c.1904) for four years. What a sound. I love the LH Salzedo and would like to own one….My favourites however are the French Erard Gothic harps. Not so much the decoration as the wonderful, graceful proportions of the instruments. The sound of these harps is warm, woody and projects well. Pity they don’t regulate so nicely. If you want to hear a good Erard harp, listen to Maria Callas’ famous recording of Visse d’arte from Tosca. Lovely.