Re: Re: What’s the worst thing that’s happened in a lesson?

unknown-user on #88052

Hehhe… well Glenna, I don’t know on which part of Earth you live, or the culture you were brought up in… But I have no problem with expressing my personal likings… I spend 10 hours of my day locked up in my study room, when I’m home, so I feel I have the right to make the room warm enough for me to stay such long hours…. And between… I see no reason for all this fuss…In Malta religion, is a very important matter, and its obligatory to study at school till aged 16… however one of the early books these kids get at school has a very prominent picture of The Creation (from Cappella Sistina if I remember right)… its part of a religion book, given to 11 year olds…. but I never heard or read