Re: Re: WHAT a conference!!!!

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #110967

Thanks for your comments on my new little harp. I played it most of the day yesterday, tuning it a LOT and it sounds remarkably well in tune today. 🙂

My favorite workshop was the assessment by the DMC physical therapist who observed me play and worked on some improvements to my back while sitting and some other tension points I didn’t need, because it is something I can apply.

The meditation/yoga…..because I need both and will pursue both.

I also liked the panel discussion on performance medicine as applied to harp playing. It was interesting. Elizabeth Volpe-Bligh was on the panel, as well as Erzbieta Gaal, 2 p.t.s and a D.O., and it was moderated by Kerstin Allvin (my teacher).