Re: Re: Well, there’s always photography…

barbara-brundage on #111654

>I wish him well in a very demanding and dog-eat-dog world!

A nice thought, David, but not one he needs. Klinko is not “a’ fashion photographer. He is THE fashion photographer. There is a woman in France who is generally considered a bit better for clothes, but otherwise Markus reigns supreme in commercial photography. He’s the only photog ever to have four photos at once on the billboards in Times Square.

Headshots? If you’re Beyonce and Britney, with a budget to match, maybe. In my other life I constantly hear photographers say things like, “Da*n, I wish I could light like Klinko, but I can’t afford $100,000 for lights.”

Klinko-Indrani have had a pretty big impact on anything you see in a print ad anywhere these days. even if a particular ad is not their work.