Re: Re: Success: Talent or hard work?

carl-swanson on #88253

Elizabeth- I’m reminded of a conversation I had last year with a harpist. She told me that when she was a child, she studied with a teacher who had a large number of children studying with her. There were student recitals from time to time, so all of the students and their parents were pretty aware of how each child played. There were two students at the time, ages 6 and 8, who were obviously quite talented. The 8 year old was extroadinary. Very musical, learned music very easily, etc. The 6 year old was also talented, but had to work harder. This harpist told me, “At one recital where these two girls played, my mother pointed to the 6 year old and said, ‘SHE’S the one who’s going to make it. She’s persistant.'” Both girls became professional harpists, but it was the 6 year old who grew up to win an international competition, got a major symphony job and a major teaching post. Persistence without talent will get you only so far. Talent without persistence will get you only so far. But talent and persistence together? Now that’s a winning combination!