Re: Re: Success: Talent or hard work?

unknown-user on #88251

I kept thinking about this thread while having my morning coffee by a
lake. 🙂 The question that kept bothering me was: What could possibly motivate a
sense of arrogance on a mountain top? This baffles me. Arrogance is a
feeling of superiority. What is there to feel superior to on a
mountaintop? Arrogance is how we situate ourselves socially – it is
about feeling superior to other people. An artist who has an arrogant
perspective is an artist who is quite focused on their social dominance
over others. If too much focus is directed towards social prominence,
then there will be less focus on the intrinsic meaning in the art.
While there have been great artists who are arrogant, perhaps their
greatness occurred inspite of the arrogance, and not because of it. I
really believe that continual learning absolutely requires a love of
the honest truth. The honest truth does not result in arrogance, but
something much healthier and stronger. Arrogance is a fragile facade,
it is about “needing” to be superior. If we have true respect for self
and others, then we have peace about ourselves regardless of how this
places us socially. If we can have the courage to face our true selves,
and encourage this in our students, only then will we see how much we
have to offer the world.