Re: Re: Salvi vs. Lyon and Healy?

Fairy Reel on #111420

Well, for one thing Lyon and Healy had that big sale. That was a deciding factor.

Also, since I have a Prelude, I was eligible for a trade-up.

(But I don’t like the sound of my Prelude. Rather tinny, actually).

My teacher plays Lyon and Healy, and the 23 sounds alright.

So does the 85 series, at close range. But, when I got the oppurtunity to play an 85 in a concert hall…the brightness was WAY overpowering! And, from the 3rd octave up, it kind of loses the ‘harp’ sound. To me, anyway, it just kind of assumes this sharper, ‘music-box’ sound. The beauty of the bass doesn’t translate to the upper registers…and that really bugs me!

Anyway, still waiting.