Re: Re: Salvi, L&H and Camac too……

Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111429

Ro, you are so correct. My teacher has an Arianna and that thing is in just perfect shape, and she’s had it for years and years. It’s beautiful, and has a beautiful warm sound…..but her Atlantide Prestige carries better than any harp I have ever heard and is also very well balanced in every other regard. So I’m a Camac fan from the beginning…….even though I started with an L&H Troubie. Also when I have a lesson on the Arianna I know I’ve had a harp on my shoulder for an hour. When I have my lesson on the Atlantide, I can’t tell I’ve had anything at all there…..the balance point and weight seem just perfect on that harp.

My Athena ex really carries though….and yet I can hear all the counterpoint lines in a baroque sonata. The guy putting in a new sump line in my yard told me last summer, “Hey I was way out in the back of your yard (we have 1/4 acre) and I heard you playing something really nice on your harp!” This while the traffic on the nearby 5 lane road was whizzing by on an afternoon.

The Vendome is an interesting looking harp……nice without a lot of foofoo on it. I like clean lines. But I have to admit, I also really crave the Orianne in gold….ooh lala!