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Hello Mr Milligan,

Your posts are always very thoughtful and no need to apologise, you are completely right. I’ve been very upset and disturbed by how I was treated and quite worried that others will fall into the same situation if I do not say something.

And part of that is due to the fact, that this forum influenced my choice to buy a certain brand of harp that was unknown to me, and then it was an unmitigated disaster. I found that nothing that was said on the column was true in my case in anyway, my experience was the exact opposite.

And I think if people are going to sing the praises on this column of this company or that, people need to also know what that company is like when things do not go to plan. So that harpists can make a balanced judgement. Otherwise it is kind of like false advertising, in a way.

But sometimes I need to put the breaks on and slow down, and I thank you sincerely for reminding me of that.