Re: Re: rolling chords rhythmically

unknown-user on #87977

Hi Erin,

Thanks for that info – even if it isn’t entirely the right terminology, what people commonly call it is a help. And thanks for the advice.

I think the french term may be Serrer, or Serres……can’t make out the handwriting …

And Erin, can I ask you a question about it?? When you use that technique, is the goal to bring out the top notes loudly, or do you normally play the bottom note on the beat. Or, is variety the spice of life (either okay).

I love hearing about techniques employed in other styles, and also what the goal is in execution.

I actually have it marked in Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty, for the rolled chords in those. I inherited those parts from an absolutely lovely harpist that played in an opera and ballet orchestra – and I find that her fingerings and terminolgies are so interesing.

I don’t actually use that effect myself, but I am intrigued as to what the goal was in these passages.

I was thinking that it may also be of use in Britten, where you have three note chords in each hand, rather than a wide spread. I imagine its good for