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joyce-rice on #106714


Patricia Jaeger has just alerted me to the fact that some of you are discussing “Red Sequins”, which I wrote for the 1993 Folk Harp Conference, in particular for Tina Tourin. At the 1991 conference, Deborah Henson-Conant walked on stage for her set in the final concert wearing a short black sequined jacket over her shoulders. She got to the harp, reached around, took hold of the jacket, held it at arm’s length and rather suggestively dropped it to the floor with a crash, leaving her in a strapless black top at a time when strapless harp-playing garb was pretty much unseen. “All right” I thought, “she is off and running!” At the end of that concert, Tina Tourin got up and said, “I’m the chair of the ’93 conference that will be in Burlington, Vermont. I’m making a pledge right now that by the time of that conference I’m going to be 50 pounds lighter and I’m going to wear RED sequins!” Well! I saw her afterwards and said, “If you lose 50 lbs., I’ll write you a piece called “Red Sequins.” Tina lost a lot ( not quite 50) and I wrote the piece which she then premiered with her band at the conference. And that’s the story! And thanks for the other nice comments about my music!

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