Re: Re: Re: What’s on your music stand? Winter 2011

John McK on #106745

I’m self-arranging and learning simple two- and three- part vocal pieces from the Middle Ages – if anyone listens to Anonymous 4, things of that nature. This has been a great way to practice left/right hand coordination.

One piece is the song “Verbum Patris Humanatur” That’s memorized and I can play the whole thing, but not without mistakes.

The second is a piece from the original Carmina Burana manuscript – #131.

I’ve gotten scores from scouring the internet. Unfortunately a lot of great early music is not available in cheap performers’ editions. . . at some point I will need to trek down to the Dartmouth College library and pull out some serious scholarly tomes.

One day I’d like to get a complete harp arrangement of “Viderunt Omnes” going. . . but that’s pure fantasy at this point 🙂