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helen-rudd on #110107

That’s true, but I would also say that in addition to following a particular band/artist via their myspace you can also discover them via myspace/youtube etc. If i don’t know an artist exists how can I go to their website? I frequently find artists I’ve never heard of on myspace, youtube etc In fact, that is where I do the majority of my “discovering” now and I would guess a majority of the younger generations tend to find their music the same way (although I am not particularly young!) I “found” the two artists I mentioned above exactly that way. Owl city via youtube and Erin via my space. I could name dozens that i now listen to who I had never heard of before “discovering” them on these sites. I guess each artist has to decide whether or not social networking and or viral marketing via the web is profitable in their particular circumstances. I agree that it most likely would not work for everyone, but it certainly does seem to work for some!