Re: Re: Re: Re: Why numbers?

barbara-brundage on #108108

>Perhaps the numbers appeal to men and the pictures to women

That’s possible, but then again, that catalog makes a big appeal to women, if you recall–all that about how if you buy your daughter a harp, she’ll have a job for life and so on. (I wasn’t arguing that there weren’t more men in symphonic roles, that’s true for sure–heck in my own early youth it was notorious that the worst male harpist on earth would get into certain very renowned orchestras before the best female harpist would get a consideration– but there are a pretty surprising number of female soloists in there, too.)

I think they just weren’t as obsessed with marketing subtleties as we’ve become and it wouldn’t have occurred to anyone back that if you made a good instrument people would buy something else because it had a fancy name.