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Harp Museum on #148243

Yes Barbara, that is correct, it was painted at the time the harp was built.

The work was commissioned in 1987 and the owner wanted the painting to represent the four elements. She asked him to create a design that consisted of flamingos, tropical flowers, cascading waters and other elements of nature.

The board was painted by Hugo Matzenauer, a listed artist, muralist and book illustrator. Hungarian born, he later made his way to the United States.

The body of the harp is painted pink, which was also done at the factory.

After the owner passed away, her family contacted the International Harp Museum to see if we were interested in acquiring the instrument, and of course we were.

I’m afraid you really can’t get the full effect from the photos, the harp is stunning.

Even though the soundboard is fully painted, the harp has a wonderful sound. Full and rich and not at all hindered by the coating of paint.