Re: Re: Re: Re: So, why is this a struggle?

sherry-lenox on #107174

David, aren’t you fairly tall? It’s a piece of cake to load the 85P into the Flex, which is also wide and low, but much harder for us to move it in anything else. We are both SHORT, so I think the principle is the same- you have to have a vehicle that accommodates the height of the mover.

I just found out yesterday that the church where I’m playing in January has a minimum of four steps to the main floor. We’re still hoping that there’s some hidden handicapped accessible entrance that we haven’t found yet.

Even with my weight lifter son as one of the harp movers for the event, I’m not to happy about schlepping the Wurlitzer up and down stairs. I told the bride at the outset that if I felt there were any risks, I’d be using the 85p and she said she understood.

I can remember when I used to whine about toting a little tiny bass clarinet case…..