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No problem, glad you’re finding it of interest. Not quite the range of even a small “folk harp”, but even the 5-string is a full instrument vice a downsized “toy” version. Due to the durability of the design, much easier and sturdier to haul around than any true harp, decent volume, and even quality ones are quite affordable.

I would own a kantele, except that I already have a 6-string Anglo-Saxon lyre, which is close enough in concept that I don’t feel the need to own both. The kantele is technically more versatile, since it’s easier to do 2-handed plucking on it, while on the AS lyre your left hand mainly holds the frame in plucking mode. For both lyre and kantele, there’s also the really cool “block-strum” technique, where you use the off-hand to muffle some strings with your fingertips, and strum across all the strings with the other. Kind of like a manual autoharp. Here’s what it looks/sounds like on lyre:

When you’re jamming with friends, you can either do lap-harp plucking with two hands, or you can block-strum and have a basic assortment of chords within your home key available to you. There are apparently several good books in English on playing kantele, if you bounce around the few English kantele sites.

Looking forward to hearing what instrument you wind up getting!