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Backpedal, backpedal, backpedal.

Given your original comments on the subject, you imply that harps fall into two categories, “real harps” of 47 strings or “toys”, with nothing in between. You told someone that their smaller harp was a toy, and now you’re trying very hard to regain your credibility by giving the old “what I meant was…”. It’s not working. And you probably made a harp owner feel bad about their instrument for no reason, which is really shameful.

Different harps are for different purposes. I’ve seen some shabby harps, like those mid-eastern ones. Those are very definitely toys. I wouldn’t lump the Salvi Eire in with those.

To make a risque but apt observation, “It’s not the *size*, it’s what you *do* with it, darling”. You’d think a MAN of all people would be familiar with that concept.

I’d watch my words carefully in future if I were you to avoid getting yourself into a similar trap. The backpedaling didn’t kid anyone and didn’t save you on this one, I’m afraid.