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Bose is like Microsoft they are primarily a marketing company with a lot of hype around what are often fairly low spec’ed products. They do innovate but they hype it to death. The compact does not have the versatility of the Limo being without the battery. The Compact is entry level which tells me it will significantly under perform the higher Bose models for volume etc.

A Model2 would be very versatile for larger gigs, it is upgradeable, it has excellent features. No feedback. It folds down into a very transportable unit compared to Model1. You tend to overpay with Bose but the Model1&2 is a ground breaking model which allows you to have large volumes without a sound tech helper. This is fairly unique for sound systems.

So for solo harpist without a tech I recommend the limo and a higher end Bose Model. This allows maximum versatility for the least outlay compared to other options. I have $15k invested in sound gear but effectively can do any gig available without issue and with very high quality outcomes.

People spend thousands of harps but baulk with sound gear for a few thousand. if you can double your gigs with sound then it is money well spent.