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unknown-user on #111493

Hey Fairy,

What are the warranties really good for? Most of the time they build these instruments to last… like what? 80 years? At VHC I saw a L&H from 1915? I believe. It was beautifulllll!

Um… the blister is going to form… on my right index finger…. it’s just red at this time, and a bit sore…. no blister has formed, but i’m expecting it to. This stinks. :-) It’s such an important finger!!

As far as the pedal harp goes…. I wake up and still can’t believe I got one! Also, I’ve been playing music I thought I’d never play…. The pedals I find are easy to operate and remember where they are at! I’m in love with it. A salvi Daphne 40 in Mahogany….. It’s true love. =)