Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: multi instrumentalists – how do you do it?

jessica-wolff on #106836

Nope, a different Jessica. When I appealed to you not to stop playing the cello, I didn’t mean you should drop the harp in favor of the cello. If it’s a question of family life getting in the way of practice time, explain to the family that you have a deep emotional need to play both instruments and that you need the time to do both of them justice (especially since you say that they’ve teased you in the past).

Incidentally, my daughter was indeed joking. She’s only too happy to have me play the harp instead of the banjo, which she regards as not very classy. That is, of course, why I like it. Well, I mean the earthiness of it.

I play some things on both harp and guitar and others on both guitar and banjo, but hey! no reason I can’t play “Old Joe Clark” on both banjo and harp.