Re: Re: Re: Re: Playing the Harp in Movies

Kathleen Clark on #111215

Carl, you have to upload a .jpg photo from your computer into an internet account you have somewhere. There are a couple free sites you can use. I use Tripod. Most folks I know though use Photobucket. They make it pretty easy to upload.

Okay, I just now went and joined Photobucket. They make it REAL easy. After you sign in a box automatically comes up on your album page for you to upload photos and it has a browse button next to it. Click that and you are in your computer. Pick a photo and “open” it and it uploads into Photobucket. A thumbnail of it then shows on your album page with a number of options under it. You want to select the “Direct Link” option which automatically copies the link for pasting into the image box (second icon from the right) on the Harp Column message edit page.

Photobucket’s Help page has a ton of different tutorials you can browse with step by step instructions, so you always have that to fall back on at any time.


1. Upload photo to Photobucket
2. Select “Direct Link” under the thumbnail for that photo (that’s the url).
3. Paste that url into the image box on