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Natalya Zarraga

It’s funny that you say that about the tuning pin, because when I called Stoney End to order a replacement string, the lady I talked to said the same thing, and when I looked, I realized the tuning pin was a little farther back than the others around it. So, that might be why it broke when I was tightening the string.

Well, I know better now, so I fixed that problem and this new string had better not break. I think I might just wait until I get the new string, since my Lorraine is older than the stringing chart on the website (it’s actually from around 1994! Wow, I was just four then), and the string that I thought would work felt kind of thicker than the string I was using for some reason (it was also in a pack of three, so I couldn’t really tell which was which). I’m kind of paranoid, so I don’t think I want to risk wasting another string, since I think that high C could wait. It should get here around Tuesday, but since I’m going on a long car ride to Tennessee for the summer on Thursday, would it be better for me to re-string when I get it, or wait until I get up to TN to do it? Speaking of which, would I have to loosen the strings any? I’m not sure if all that applies if it’s just going to be sitting in the back of a van for about 14 hours.