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Leigh Griffith

…a woman who wanted me to rent one of them to her (half way across the
country) for a month and then let her decide if she wanted to buy it or

Okay, so this is one woman out of how many amateurs? As far as amateurs
being more ‘finicky’ on sound, might it be that many are still getting
used to the idea that no two harps sound exactly alike? It is hard to
decide what you like when each one sounds different. My major criteria
for my next harp: 1. I have to be able to lift and load it into my car
by myself. 2. I have to be able to reach all the strings. 3. Not too
muddy, not too plinky and enough volume to not get lost in the
ensemble. 4. Good workmanship. I’ve seen too many harps where joints
didn’t match up well, etc. Is this being ‘finicky’? I think it is being

Yes, there are impossible people out there. I once had a woman contact
me about a wall hanging. She wanted a 2 1/2 foot by 3 foot custom
landscape quilted wallhanging. She wanted that because the man she had
talked with about a diorama had wanted $3,000.00 for what she wanted
which she said was way more than it was worth. When I told her what I
would have to do and what I would have to charge (around $800.00), she
never called back. The woman had no idea what time committments and
materials costs artists have. My point is, the pigeon hole should be
“impossible people” not “amateurs”.

My two cents,