Re: Re: Re: Pedal noise, normal???

unknown-user on #111363

Hey Carl. The harp isn’t terribly small. It’s a few inches shorter than a semi-grand. The problem wasn’t there before but has now made it’s presence. If the slot felt is any thicker I won’t be able to move the pedal. :-)

Overall it’s not really a problem. It’s only noticeable if I let the pedal go up by itself…. Which is bad if overdone…

So I guide my pedals up, even quickly, and I don’t hear it.

None of the discs hit eachother, I know that much. There are a few factors in all of this though. I have gas heating in my house, and it causes a very dry environment. The other factor is the wierd temperature changes. The room my harp is in is over the garage, so the floor area does stay much much cooler than ceiling area does.

Since it’s the change of season, I could believe some noises be present, but I think after this week I will take it to VHC. It’s really hard to explain the noise it’s making.

I’ll leave the rod adjustments up to them. They said if messed with too much it could affect the regulation as well. :-)

Thanks for all of the tips!!