Re: Re: Re: Minor buzzing problem

Owosso Harpist on #108074

Tighten it up as much as I can. Still makes a minor buzzing sound. I could try to move Gilligan, but the only place I can have him is in the living room of Mom’s house. Otherwise I’ll try to move him to my room if I got a dolly for him to ride up the stairs on. But there’s no room anywhere in the house for Gilligan other than the living room. Maybe the buzzing sound has something to do with the fan I have running to keep the modem cool. We’re having a lot of problems with the internet lately and I have the harp nearby. If the fan is the problem, I’ll have to move the harp so he’ll won’t interfere with the fan and I can be comfortable playing and enjoying Gilligan without problems. Any other advice to deal with the minor buzzing problem? The harp did came from Florida. Perhaps he’s trying to adjust to the Michigan climate of something.