Re: Re: Re: Malfunctioning harp!!!

carl-swanson on #148839

The Ford pinto gas tank fiasco is the one that I remember. When that went to trial, it came out that 1)Ford knew that the gas tanks could explode in a rear end collision and probably kill everybody in the car, and that 2)after doing a cost analysis, Ford decided it was cheaper to let people get killed and pay the law suits that would result than to fix the problem. That is why the jury awarded what was at the time a stupefying amount of money to the plaintiffs in the case, in effect saying, the damages Ford has to pay have to be much more than the cost of fixing the problem. It was a landmark case and showed the callousness that business is capable of. Unfortunately(in a way), in the harp world, there are no bodily injuries associated with badly constructed harps. So we don’t have the same leverage. But by making the problem public, maybe harpists can exert pressure on the company to mend their ways.