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Posted by Jack Yule, currently living in southern Colorado

I am finally back on line, thank you for your patience.

As the maker of the harps in question, I would like to put in my tuppence worth or two cents worth, depending on which side of the pond you are on. If I had been asked, and I do speak English as well as Scottish, richt weel, I would have said. The spacing of my harp strings is: top range 13 mm, mid range 14mm and bottom range 15 mm. A difference of 2 mm top to bottom can hardly be called exaggerated. No buyer of my harps has ever said this was a problem; this graduated spacing is a common practice

By the way I did not bring a huge load of Scottish sycamore over with me. It will run out some time. The reason I do not have a website at present is that I am still finishing my house, garage and workshop that I have been building singlehandedly for the past nine years.

If anybody wants to contact me, I am at You may call me at my home at 719-746-2061