Re: Re: Re: Israel Contest

carl-swanson on #108952

Elizabeth- According to the information that the International Harp Contest in Israel sent me several years ago, the Twelfth Contest in 1995 resulted in no first prize being given, Anna Makarova(Russia) won second, and Godelieve Schrama(The Netherlands) won third.

In looking over the list they sent me, what’s really interesting is that in 1985 there was no second prize awarded(but there was a first and third). In 1988 there was no third prize awarded(but there was a first and second). How the jury came to those decisions escapes me completely!

What’s even more bizarre about this list is that in 1982, the year Alice Giles won first, the list says for both second and third prizes “not known.” The same thing is listed for the 1992 competition for third prize(not known). How the heck did they loose these names???